– Online Membership Application Form –


This is an online membership application for persons wishing to become Full or Associate members of the Ocean Cruising Club.

Please read the notes and instructions below carefully before clicking the START COMPLETING APPLICATION FORM button at the bottom of page.

Notes on Joining the OCC
  1. Qualifying Passage. A Full Member of the OCC must have completed a non-stop ocean passage between two ports, where the distance between the ports is not less than 1,000 nautical miles measured by the shortest practical Great Circle route, as skipper or member of the crew in a vessel of not more than 70ft LOA (21.3 meters)(See part 3). The decision of the Committee as to whether or not an applicant has completed a qualifying passage is final.

  2. Associate Membership . An Associate Member has a serious interest in offshore cruising and intends to make a qualifying passage in the next few years. They may not vote or be elected to the Ocean Cruising Club Committee, nor may they propose applicants for membership. They may fly an Associate's burgee. Associate members pay the same joining fee and annual subscription (dues) as Full Members.

  3. Application Proposer. Applicants for either Full or Associate membership must be proposed by a Full Member of the Club. However, if such a proposer is not available to you, an application will be considered by the Committee if supported by a written statement from some person of standing, such as a Flag Officer of a recognised yacht club. If the proposer is not a member of the OCC, please note this in the comments at the bottom of the form. Please enter the name, email address and telephone number (if available) of your proposer. We will contact him to confirm his proposal. If you are unable to locate a Full Member to support your application please contact newmembers@oceancruisingclub.org and we will endeavour to assist you.

  4. Joint Subscription Rate . Two members (Full or Associate) who have the same postal address may apply for a reduced annual joint subscription rate. Any of their children, who are Full Members , may be included at the Joint Subscription Rate applicable to Young Adults. A couple sailing together are encouraged to apply for this joint rate. Only one joining fee will be charged. Complete both Parts 1 and 2 of the online form. Please note that a unique email address is requested for each applicant.

  5. Young Adult Subscription Rate . An applicant who is under 30 years of age on February 1st of this year is eligible for a subscription rate that is approximately 50% of the Full Member annual rate. There are no joining fees for those eligible for a Young Adult Subscription Rate .

  6. Minimum Age for Membership . As a general rule the minimum age for Full Membership is 16 years. However, recognising that children mature at different ages, a membership application shall be considered for children under the age of 16 if it is accompanied by a letter from the parent(s) attesting to the child's competence and contribution. Normally, this shall require the ability to stand watch alone, on a regular basis. As children under 16 years of age are typically dependent on their parent's sailing plans, Associate Membership shall not normally be available to them, but it may be considered by the General Committee on an individual basis.

  7. Rejoining the OCC . Those rejoining the OCC are not required to pay a Joining Fee but the year you joined and left the OCC must be entered on the application form in order to qualify for this dispensation.

  8. Payment. On submitting the form applicants will be directed to a secure page to make an online payment of their first year's subscriptions and, where applicable, joining fee. In the case of applicants with a UK current bank account this is done by setting up an online direct debit mandate which will be used not only for collection of first year subscriptions and joining fee, but also annual subscriptions in subsequent years. Those without a UK current bank account will be invited to make an online payment by credit/debit card. If for any reason you are unable to pay by either of these means, you may still submit an online application but having submitted your application you should contact the secretary@oceancruisingclub.org to arrange an alternative means of payment.

  9. OCC Burgee . OCC members are among the most adventurous sailors in the world. Although we have no physical club house, the OCC offers a ‘place’ to be together, to share experiences, to enjoy one another’s company. To this end all OCC members are strongly encouraged to fly the OCC Burgee whenever and wherever they are afloat. As part of the online application process you will be invited to select a burgee of a size appropriate to your vessel so that fellow members can easily identify you and welcome you into our unique community.

Instructions for Completion of this Online Application Form

All lines on the form marked with an asterisk * must be completed before the form can be submitted.

Before you start to complete the form you should have available the following key information regarding your qualifying voyage (See note 1 in the previous section), your proposer's name and email address (See note 3 in the previous section) and your bank account or credit/debit card details (See note 8 in the previous section):


  • Name, postal address and email address for all applicant(s*) (* in the case of joint subscription rate).


  • Name and email address of your proposer.

Qualifying Voyage

  • Name and length of yacht in which the qualifying voyage was completed.
  • Non stop distance of the voyage.


  • Bank Sort Code and Account Number (Applicants with UK bank account) or Credit/Debit Card details (applicants without UK bank account)

The form can not be saved for later completion so you should not start completing it until you have all the information above to hand. There is no "time out" while you are completing this form and provided you do not close your browser, or the browser tab in which the form is being completed, then your data will be retained even if you temporarily lose your internet connection.

What happens when this application is submitted?

Upon receipt of this form by our office, a reply email will be sent to you setting out all the information that you have provided. If you find any errors please send an email to secretary@oceancruisingclub.org.

It can take up to three weeks to contact your proposer and to review each application. After approval the Secretary will contact you by email to advise you of your acceptance as a member and to tell you how to set up your access to the Members' website and how to access and update your entries in the Club's database. We will also post a Welcome Pack to you including recent OCC publications, other information and your OCC Burgee.

Thank you for applying to join the Ocean Cruising Club. We look forward to welcoming you aboard.